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Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and bumble was founded in 1977 as a New York City salon known for its inventive cuts and connection to the fashion and editorial world. Today, the company includes a complete hair care line with a full range of shampoos, conditioners, styling and treatment products, as well as The House of Bumble, which houses an additional salon and Bumble and bumble University, which provides both business and design education to its Network of salons. Bb.Products are coveted by beauty and fashion insiders, and editorial stylists around the world and sold in 3000 salons worldwide.

True Keratin bio care Nourishing Shampoo
Gem Lites Celeb Luxury hair Line
DS Laboratories Nia Fix hare repair line


SACHAJUAN is driven by the beauty of simplicity. When the range was launched, they felt that haircare was becoming too complex. SachaJuan wanted to make things easier for stylists and clients. 

Since early 2000 they've worked with Swedish scientists to develop the perfect professional products.  Letting the performance of the products speak for itself, they avoid hollow marketing claims. Using only the ingredients that are needed; nothing more, nothing less. Being honest in the product information is top priority, so everyone understands which ingredients were used and why.

Their product philosophy combines style with substance, form with function. 


SachaJuan products help stylists and their clients achieve a personal look in the easiest possible way. Each one is designed to produce an effortless look, enabling a confident, modern and personal twist. 

These performance-driven hair care products are straightforward and honest. They have clear and easy-to-understand benefits and functional ingredients, and are named precisely for what they do or what they are. They tell you why a product was made, how it was made, and how it works. This makes it easy to create beautiful hair every day – and easy to select the right products. 



Good + Clean

Formulated to be good for you and the environment.
Made using only natural ingredients.
Using certified organic + locally sourced ingredients.
Free of parabens and sulfates.

Eco + Chic

Environmentally responsible + aesthetically conscious.
State-of-the-art recyclable & biodegradable packaging.
Cruelty-free and sustainable.

Fair + Competitive

High-quality brand yet affordable.
Made for those with a conscious decision-making approach.
Highly exclusive product for qualified salons only.



Stop Fade. Extend Haircolor Happiness.

Celeb Luxury Products are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free. Sulfate-Free. PPD-Free. Ammonia-Free. Peroxide-Free. Cruelty-Free. No Animal Testing. Health and safety are important to us. We only use direct dyes that are safe and FDA/EU compliant.

Since launching in September 2016, Celeb Luxury is available in over 3,000 salons across the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.



Founded in 2007, DS Laboratories is on a mission to radically change the personal haircare landscape by developing technologies that make a meaningful difference in the lives of its customers.

First and foremost we are a technology company focused on scientific innovation and a passion to deliver biotech dermatology products that offer real results

We are sold globally in over 40 countries and trusted and recommended by top Salon Professionals and Dermatologists.

  • Remain non-prescription while yielding exceptional results

  • Are a fantastic option for those seeking drug-free, side effect-free alternatives

  • Rival or best the performance of medications or even surgical procedures

  • Effectively tackle the protective, restorative, corrective, and preventive needs of adult men and women of all ages